Gynecological Visits Bologna

Specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Dott.ssa Colombi is a specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, a Physiopathology of Human Procreation. She offers various counselling and outpatient diagnosis services, specifically:

Gynecological visits in Bologna
• Counselling on contraception
• Diagnosis and treatment of sterility
• Basic gynecological check-ups
• Consultation on menopause
• Gynecological endocrinology


At the dott.ssa Colombi’s office she performs the following diagnostic tests and treatments:

• PAP test
• Transvaginal ultrasound
• Gynecological obstetrics ultrasound
• Monitoring of ovulation
• Medically assisted procreation

Menopause counselling

The term menopause means the end of menstruation.
Lack of cycle is one of the most obvious signs of menopause but certainly not the most significant one.
There is a decrease in estrogen, major female sex hormones, and androgens, male sex hormones. This results in significant changes in mood and a decrease in sexual desire.
Dott.ssa Colombi is doing counselling on menopause to help women overcome and face this period of life better.

Pap test

Thanks to this test, it is possible to identify the presence of cervix cancer and tumor injuries. It is an important precautionary tool that can diagnose these pathologies early. By carrying out this screening, it is possible to reduce the rate of cancer-related mortality.

Monitoring of ovulation

It is the basis on which PMA is based (Medical Assisted Procreation) and consists of a series of ultrasound test performed a few days apart from each other. Ovulation monitoring allows you to identify the woman’s most fertile day, thus increasing the likelihood of conception. This is a useful way in case of difficulty getting pregnant, as it allows not only to know what are the most fertile days of the month, but also to establish any therapies that can improve the quality of the ovocyte.